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Harald Föhr-Waldeck

1925 - 2015

The juvenile actor Harald Föhr-Waldeck learnt his artitic abilities at the drama school of the Staatstheater in Berlin. He was artistically influenced by his mother Emma Föhr-Schütte who was performing as an opera singer under the pen name Waldtraut Waldeck. In the next years Harald Föhr-Waldeck got engagements in the German speaking Europe.

He already impersonated his first movie role in 1941 for "Kopf hoch, Johannes!" (41) as student Stadler with Albrecht Schoenhals, Dorothea Wieck, Klaus Detlef Sierck, Gunnar Möller, Otto Gebühr and Karl Dannemann.

It followed few more appearances in front of the camera, among them as the apprentice Erich in Carl Boese's "Alles für Gloria" (41) with Leo Slezak, Laura Solari, Johannes Riemann, Lizzi Waldmüller, O.E. Hasse and Herbert Weissbach, "Du gehörst zu mir" (43) directed by Gerhard Lamprecht at the side of Willy Birgel, Lotte Koch, Viktor Staal, Margarate Schön, Erika von Thellmann, Eva Tinschmann, Albert Hehn and Paul Bildt and "Die Feuerzangenbowle" (44) directed by Helmut Weiss with Heinz Rühmann, Karin Himboldt, Hilde Sessak, Erich Ponto, Paul Henckels, Hans Leibelt and Hans Richter.

The family of Harald Föhr-Waldeck had to suffer from impact of World War II too. Their apartment was bombed out at the beginning of 1943 and only two months later his brother died of typhus he got during his service at the Russian front.
Shortly afterwards Harald Föhr-Waldeck had also to serve for the army and he was put in action in Hungary among others.
At the end of World War II he became a prisoner of war by the Russian and he remained arrested till spring 1949.

When he returned to Germany he continued his stage career, later he went to Switzerland.
There he worked as a travelling salesman from 1959 and from 1984 for the Swiss post.

In his last years he appeared as a piano player and he gave speeches about his experiences in captivity in Russia.

Harald Föhr-Waldeck's sister is the actress Beatrice Föhr-Waldeck.