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Lilly Flohr

Picture Lilly Flohr
Foto: Alexander Binder (1888-1929)

1893 - 1978

The actress Lilly Flohr was born as Elisabeth Grünburger in Vienna. She grew up in an artistic environment because her father was versatile gifted artist - he was busy as an actor, singer, musician and painter. Therefore Lilly Flohr had already her first appearance at the Raimund Theater in Vienna at the age of eight, later she became a busy stage actress. She got a stage education at the Kaiserliches Konservatorium in Vienna.
Finally she became aware of the film business where she impersonated different roles in the next years.
She began her film career, which was restricted to the silent movie era, with "Ein Lied von Hass und Liebe" (18) and "Die Erbin" (18), after that followed the leading role for the movie "Das Mädchen aus der Ackerstrasse" (19).

In the 20's followed other successful productions like "Das Haus in der Dragonergasse" (21), the sequel "Wie das Mädchen aus der Ackerstrasse eine Heimat fand" (21), "Schande" (22), "Fridericus Rex" (22) and "Kinder der Strasse" (28).

When the talkies arose she retired from the film business.

Also on stage she was not able to work much longer, already in 1934 he got a prohibition to employ in Germany because she was a Jew. She emigrated to Shanghai in 1935 where she was able to continue her stage career at the side of other German-speaking emigrantes.

Later she went to Australia where she spent the rest of her life. She died in North Ryde in 1978.

Lilly Flohr was married with the actor Richard Georg.

Other movies with Lilly Flohr:
Mausi (19) Ein Tag auf dem Mars (20) Die Strandnixe (21) Aus dem Schwarzbuch eines Polizeikommissars (21) Die kleine Midinette (21) Loge Nr. 11 (21) Verbrechen aus Leidenschaft (21) Die Macht einer Frau (22) Das Diadem der Zarin (22) Se. Exzellenz der Revisor (22) Brudermord (22) Die Kleine aus der Konfektion (24) Reveille, das grosse Wecken (25)