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Rudi Feld

1897 - 1994

The production designer Rudi Feld first studied at the art college in Berlin before he began his professional career as a poster designer for revues and cabaret. Afterwards he created sets for different stage performances.

He got his first engagement as a production designer for a movie in 1920 for "Das Medaillon der Lady Sington" (20). In the next years he was responsible as a production designer for other silent movies.
To his works of those years belong "Filmbanditen" (21), "Die fünf Frankfurter" (22), "Die schwarze Paula" (22), "Wilhelm Tell" (23), "Der Sprung ins Leben" (24), "Blitzzug der Liebe" (25) and "Gräfin Plättmamsell" (26).

Afterwards he retired from the film business. He was not able to re-enter to the film business in the 30s because he was no longer able to work in Germany with the rise of the National Socialists.
He left Germany and went to Palestine where he led a night club.

Because his brother, the actor Fritz Feld, was a successful actor in the USA for many years, he was able to bring his brother Rudi Feld to the USA as well. There Rudi Feld was able to continue his film career as a production designer and he remained busy in this field till to the 60s.

To his numerous movies in the USA belong "Summer Storm" (44), "The Bachelor's Daughters" (46), "The Vicious Circle" (48), "The Big Wheel" (49), "The Girl on the Bridge" (51), die Serie "Dick Tracy" (50-52), "The Other Woman" (54), "The Big Combo" (55), "Edge of Hell" (56), "Hit and Run" (57), "From Hell It Came" (57), "Operation Eichmann" (61), "The Gun Hawk" (63) and "Big Daddy" (69).

Other movies from Rudi Feld (Production Designer):
Der Perlenmacher von Madrid (21) Der Leidensweg eines Achtzehnjährigen (21) Die Diamantenkonkurrenz (21) Dämonische Treue (21) Miss Rockefeller filmt (22) Turfpiraten (22) Der Frauenkönig (23) Der Turm des Schweigens (25) Herrn Filip Collins Abenteuer (26) Die Fahrt ins Abenteuer (26) Voice in the Wind (44) Bedside Manner (45) Whistle Stop (46) New Orleasn (47) 'Fun on a Week-End' (47) The Argyle Secrets (48) My Dear Secretary (48) Parole, Inc. (48) Adventures of Gallant Bess (48) My Dear Secretary (48) Impact (49) Guilty of Treason (50) Pickup (51) The Last Half Hour: The Mayerling Story (51) Strange Fascinaton (52) One Girl's Confession (53) The Body Beautiful (53) Hold Back Tomorrow (55) Storm Fear (55) The Naked Hills (56) Death of a Scoundrel (56) The Wild Party (56) 5 Steps to Danger (57) Lizzie (57) Hellcats of the Navy (57) The Abductors (57) Under Fire (57) Escape from Red Rock (57) Tank Battalion (58) 12 ot the Moon (60) Terrified (63)

Costume Designer:
Wilhelm Tell (23)