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Norbert Falk

1872 - 1932

The screenwriter and author Norbert Falk began his professional career as a journalist for different newspaper before he became a local editor for the "Kleines Journal" in Berlin in 1895.

Finally Norbert Falk became a well-known theater critic and he worked among others for the "Berliner Morgenpost". Beside it he also became the editor of the "Berliner Illustrierten Zeitung".

Besides his works for newspapers he also began to write first novels and he became a popular author too.

Because of his writing abilites the film business became aware of him as well and Norbert Falk wrote screenplays for some important movies, partly together with other screenwriters.
To these productions belong "Carmen" (18), "Madame DuBarry" (19), "Anna Boleyn" (20), "Das Weib des Pharao" (22), "Casanova" (27), "Liebeshölle" (28) and "Geheimnisse des Orients" (28). Some of this screenplays he wrote under the pseudonym Fred Orbing.

His last screenplays came with the rise of the sound film era into being for "Zwei Welten" (30) and especially for the international success "Der Kongress tanzt" (31).

Shortly afterwards Norbert Falk dies at the age of only 59 in 1932.

Other movies from Norbert Falk:
Rosita (23) Ein Walzertraum (25) Die weisse Sklavin (27) Frauenraub in Marokko (28) Revolutionshochzeit (28) Der Fall des Staatsanwalts M... (28)