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Heinz Engelmann

1911 - 1996

The actor Heinz Engelmann finished a commercial education before he made his film debut at the end of the 30's.

For the Ufa he appeared in the movies "Pour le Mérite" (38), "Drei Unteroffiziere" (39), "D III 38" (39), "Kongo-Express" (39), "Am Abend auf der Heide" (41), "U-Boote westwärts" (41) and "Das grosse Spiel" (41). 

During the war he served in the antiaircraft artillery and fell into the hands of the Americans. 
After the war he gained a foothold again as an actor and was engaged at the Stadttheater Hildesheim in 1946.

He succeeded a comeback as a film actor in the 50's and left a lasting impression in movies like "Die Spur führt nach Berlin" (52), "Made in Germany" (56), "Haie und kleine Fische" (57) and "U47 - Kapitänleutnant Prien" (58), not least because of his voice full of character.
From 1959 he experienced even a greater popularity with his role in the serial "Stahlnetz" (59), which turned out to be a "Strassenfeger".

In the 60's followed movies like "Das Gasthaus an der Themse" (62), "Das siebente Opfer" (64) and "Vier Schlüssel" (66). His last appearance in front of the camera was "More" (69).

Besides his activity as an actor he was very popular for his synchronising works. He lent his prominent voice to actors like John Wayne, William Holden, Gregory Peck, Gary Cooper, Stewart Granger, James Mason, Randolph Scott and Errol Flynn.

Heinz Engelmann fell into oblivion in his last years. He didn't become engagements, later he had to fight with physical problems.

Heinz Engelmann was among others married with the actress Gertrud Meyen.

Other movies with Heinz Engelmann: 
Blockierte Signale (48) Derby (49) Hafenmelodie (49) Seitensprünge im Schnee (50) Grenzstation 58 (51) Die Frauen des Herrn S. (51) Die Martinsklause (51) Drei vom Varieté (54) Ännchen von Tharau (54) Der Schmied von St. Bartholomae (55) Ein Mann vergisst die Liebe (55) Herr Puntila und sein Knecht Matti (55) Heidemelodie (56) Wenn die Heide blüht (60) Der Satan lockt mit Liebe (60) Serie "Das Kriminalmuseum: Akte Dr. W." (64) Serie "Das Kriminalmuseum: Die Kiste" (67) Serie "Förster Horn" (67) Serie "Vier Frauen im Haus" (69)