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Andrews Engelmann

1901 - 1992

The actor Andrews Engelmann moved within the internation film business and appeared already during the silent movie era in countries like France, USA, England, Spain and Germany.

He was born in St. Petersburg und entered the military medical academy of St. Petersburg in 1919. Two years later he escaped in a adventurous flight via Finland to Berlin where he continued his medicine study, he finished in the field preliminary medical examination.

During the vacation he worked in France as construction worker and eventually he came to the film by accident when a film agent spoke to him because he looked so typical Russian. He got the role of a Russian dancer in the movie "La flambee des reves" (23). The movie was a success and Andrews Engelmann got an engagement for the Parisian "Théatre des Variétés".

He soon got offered movie roles in the USA, Italy, Spain, England and Germany. In 1926 he appeared in the movie "Mare Nostrum", directed by Rex Ingram, whit whom he also shot the movie "The Three Passions" in 1929 and "Baroud" in 1932.

To his other early movies belong "Les deux gosses - Die Verstossenen" (24), "El negro que tenia el alma blanca" (26), "Cagliostro" (29), "Atlantis" (29) and "Das Tagebuch einer Verlorenen" (29).

The sound film put Andrews Engelmann often into action as a dubious person or Russian official. To his most popular works in the 30's belong "Two Worlds - Zwei Welten" (30), "I Spy" (33), "Flüchtlinge" (33), "Die Insel" (34), "Retour au paradis" (35), "Stormy Weather" (35), "Les perles de la couronne" (37),"Andere Welt" (37), "The Terror" (38) and "Wasser für Canitoga" (39).

During the years of war he acted only in Germany, so in "Kora Terry" (40), "Carl Peters" (41), "GPU" (42), "Münchhausen" (43) and "Ruf an das Gewissen" (45).

Andrews Engelmann took up residence in France after the war and played in the movies "Fantomas contre Fantomas" (48), "Le secret de Mayerling - Das Geheimnis von Mayerling" (49), "Mystère à Shanghai - Opiumhölle Shanghai" (50) and "Maitre après Dieu - Schiff in Gottes Hand" (51). He concludes his career with the movie "Herzen im Sturm" (51).

In 1953 he took up residence in Switzerland where he got the Swiss nationality.
He was married with the actress Charlotte Susa (1898-1976) since 1939.

Other movies with Andrews Engelmann:
La joueuse d'orgue (24) Le vertige (26) Education de Prince (27) Symphonie pathétique (28) City of Play (29) Wolves (30) La femme d'une nut - Die Königin einer Nacht (30) La maison jaune de Rio - Das gelbe Haus des King-Fu (31) La bête errante (31) Quelqu'un a tué (33) Tambour battant (33) Au bout du monde (33) Vers l'abîme (34) Der rote Tod von Riga (34) El negro que tenia el alma blanca (34) Le vertige (35) The Crouching Beast (35) King of the Damned (35) Die letzten Vier von Santa Cruz (36) Der Abenteurer von Paris (36) The Last Waltz (36) Toilers of the Sea (36) The First and the Last (37) Verklungene Melodie (38) Le révolté (38) Kadetten (39) Legion Condor (39) Kriminalkommissar Eyck (40) Die letzte Runde (40) Über alles in der Welt (41) Geheimakte WB 1 (42) Lache Bajazzo (43) Der Rückkehrer (44) Der Verteidiger hat das Wort (44) Sieben Briefe (44) Le cas du docteur Galloy (49) Skandal in der Botschaft (50)