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Magda Elgen alias Editha Camphausen

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The actress Magda Elgen began her career in Hanover in the theater. Film had no appeal for her at the time. That she nevertheless ended up in film was due to a coincidence. She was there as a guest during filming when the leading actress could not manage the equestrian scenes that appeared in it. Jokingly, Marga Elgen offered to do the riding scenes and the footage was used in the film. This is how she came to be an actress in the sensational films that were popular at the time - the action films of today.

During her career she appeared in front of the camera both as Magda Elgen and Editha Camphausen. Her first movie was "Totenkopfreiter" (17) alongside Adolf Klein, Ludwig Rex and Andreas Horn.

In the next years she concentrated completely on her film career and she acted in the productions "Am Glück vorbei" (18), Suchomlinow" (18) as the mistress of Grand Duke Sonja with Ernst Benzinger, Wilhelm Diegelmann and Victor Janson, "Das Mysterium des Kleinods/Der Geisterspuk auf Schloss Diesterberg" (18) , "Um hunderttausend Mark/Detektiv wider Willen" (19) at the side of Max Laurence, Berthold Rosé and Arthur Schröder. "Papa Krause" (18) and "The Daughter of Madame Dubussier" (19).

In silent movies of the 20's she impersonated roles in "Slaves of the Twentieth Century" (20), "The Blue Duel" (20) with Karl Harbacher and Leonhard Haskel, "The Vultures of the Gold Pits" (21) with Joe Stöckel and Vittorio Güttner, "War in Peace" (25) and "The Lord of the Night" (27).

Her last cinematical works came in the talkies of the 30's with the productions "Lumpenball" (30), "Das Mädchen Irene" (36) and "Fridericus" (37).

Otto Lins-Morstadt, to whom she was married, directed most of her movies.

Other movies with Magda Elgen/Editha Camphausen:
Ganz ohne Krause (18) Der Gürtel der Basthi (19) Die Mexikanerin (19) Der Gefangene (20) Kyritz – Pyritz (31)