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Lilly Eisenlohr

1900 - 1987

The actress Lilly Eisenlohr was born as Lily Suess in Lodz. She began her artistic career at the theater she she among others appeared at the Neues Schauspielhaus in Königsberg (1923/24) or at the Hamburger Kammerspielen (1924/25).

She took part in some silent movies of the 20s where she was active for few years.

To her movies of the 20s belong "Der gelbe Tod" (20) playing the role of Rahel with Hanne Brinkmann, Guido Herzfeld, Rudolf Klein-Rhoden, Rosa Valetti, Eduard von Winterstein and Frida Richard, "Die Schmiede des Grauens" (20) with Rolf Pinegger and Adolf Hille, "Die Liebe vom Zigeuner stammt" (20) at the side of Max Brod, Alexander Granach and Ernst Rückert, as the favorite wife of the prince "Das schwarze Amulett" (20) with Franz Scharwenka, Rudolf Lettinger and Sybil Smolowa, Friedrich Dessauer's "Kriminalpolizei, Abteilung Mord" (20) with Robert Leffler, Josef Rehberger and Mabel May-Yong, playing the role of Lady Annie in "Cocain" (21) with Ernst Pittschau, Karl Martell and Harald Bredow, "Die Geheimnisse von Berlin" (21) with Grete Berger, Evi Eva, Carl Geppert and Willy Kaiser-Heyl and "Der Todesreigen" (22) directed by William Karfiol wita Johannes Riemann, Olga Tschechowa, Albert Steinrück, Hans Adalbert Schlettow und Fritz Kampers.

It followed a longer interruption before she acted in her only sound film "Streichquartett" (33) directed by Richard Löwenbein. To her co-stars belonged Szöke Szakall and Erika Dannhoff.

As a non Arian she had no future in Germany and she emigrated to the USA where she continued her stage career in New York.

Other movies with Lilly Eisenlohr:
Der gelbe Tod (20) Die Schmiede des Grauens (20) Die Liebe vom Zigeuner stammt (20) Texas Freds Brautfahrt (20) Das schwarze Amulett (20) Kriminalpolizei, Abteilung Mord (20) Cocain (21) Die Geheimnisse von Berlin (21) Der Todesreigen (22) Streichquartett (33)