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Karl Eidlitz

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The actor Karl Eidlitz began his career at the theater where he was among others engaged at the Burgtheater from 1919. There he found his domain and he remained active there as an actor till 1981.

With the rise of the National Socialists in Austria he went to Switzerland in 1938 where he continued his stage career till 1945. Afterwards he returned to Austria again.

Karl Eidlitz already took part in his only silent movie in 1921 called "Unter der Knute des Schicksals" (21).

It lasted 30 years before he appeared in front of the camera again. To these productions belong "Der alte Sünder" (51), "1. April 2000" (52), "Mozart" (55), "Maria Stuart" (59), "Anatol" (61), "Leinen aus Irland" (65) and an episode of the serial "Donaug'schichten: W.M. und die Diplomatie" (66).

Karl Eidlitz was married with the actress Alma Seidler.

Other movies with Karl Eidlitz:
Der fidele Bauer (51) Die Perle von Tokay (54) Verliebte Leute (54) Frauensee (58) Brillanten aus Wien (59) Maria Stuart (59) Das Spiel vom lieben Augustin (60) Alles gerettet (63)