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Willy Eichberger

1908 - 2004

The actor Willy Eichberger was successfully able to have his way in the German film industry at the beginning of the 30's. He was convincing in movies like "Liebelei" (33), "Inge und die Millionen" (33), "Die Pompadour" (35), "Der Favorit der Kaiserin" (36) and "Burgtheater" (36).

When the power of the National Socialism grew more and more in Germany he fled to England for the present where he could continue his career at the theater and in movies. He went to Hollywood in 1938 and was also able to gain a foothold there. He made his US film debut with the movie "The Dawn Patrol" (38) and from the 40's he asserted in many support and few leading roles under the pseudonym Carl Esmond.
To his well-known movies of the 40's belong "Sergeant York" (41), "Pacific Rendezvous" (42), "First Comes Courage" (43), "Address Unknown" (44), "The Story of Dr. Wassell" (44), "Ministry of Fear" (44) and "This Love of Ours" (45).

He became more active for television in the 50's where he took part in many episodes of well-known serials, at the same time he also acted in movies in the USA as well as in Germany and France.
His most popular movies till the end of the 60's were "The Desert Hawk" (50), "Regina Amstetten" (53), "Lola Montez" (56), "From the Earth to the Moon" (58), the serial "77 Sunset Strip: Out of the Past" (59), the serial "Maverick: Diamond Flush" (60) and the serial "The Man from U.N.C.L.E.: The Galatea Affair" (66).

Other movies with Willy Eichberger:
Kaiserwalzer/Audienz in Ischl (33) Kleines Mädel - grosses Glück (33) Die Liebe siegt (34) Evensong (34) Blossom Time (34) Blutsbrüder (35) Invitation to the Waltz (35) Romanze/Die Frau des anderen (36) Der Postillon von Lonjumeau (36) Fräulein Veronika (36) The Prisoner of Zenda (37) Der Weg des Herzens (37) Thunder Afloat (39) Little Men (40) Sundown (41) Panama Hattie (42) Seven Sweethearts (42) The Navy Comes Through (42) Margin for Error (43) The Master Race (44) Experiment Perilous (44) Without Love (45) Her Highness and the Bellboy (45) The Catman of Paris (46) Lover Come Back (46) Smash-Up, the Story of a Woman (47) Slave Girl (47) Walk a Crooked Mile (48) Mystery Submarine (50) The World in His Arms (52) Serie "Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: A String of Beads" (52) Liebeserwachen (53) Serie "The Fort Television Theatre: The Bet" (53) Serie "Lux Video Theatre: Casablanca" (55) Serie "Lux Video Theatre: Little Boy Lost" (56) Serie "Fireside Theatre: Sound of Thunder" (56) Serie "Cheyenne: Fury at Rio Hondo" (56) Serie "Climax!: Bait for the Tiger" (57) Serie "Meet McGraw: The Cheat" (57) Thunder in the Sun (59) Serie "Behind Closed Doors: The Germany Story" (59) Serie "General Electric Theater: Deed of Mercy" (59) Serie "Five Fingers: Operation Ramrod" (59) Serie "Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond: The Lonely Room" (60) Serie "The Deputy: Second Cousin to the Czar" (60) Serie "Hawaiian Eye: The Pretty People" (61) Brushfire (62) The Kiss of the Vampire (63) Serie "The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters: The Day of the Pretenders" (64) Serie "Convoy: The Assassin" (65) Morituri (65) Agent for H.A.R.M. (66) Serie "Garrison's Gorillas: The Big Con" (67) Serie "The Big Valley: Explosion!" (67) Serie "The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries: Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Meet Dracula" (77) My Wicked, Wicked Ways...The Legend of Errol Flynn (85)