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Edmund Edel

Plakat von Edmund Edel (1863-1934)

1863 - 1934

The writer and director Edmund Edel first finished an education as a businessman before he decided to become an artist. He studied painting in Munich and later by Gabriel von Hackl and Nikolaus Gysis.
He soon became well-known as an illustrator and poster designer and he created numerous works for cabarets, theaters and different publishing companies. The commercial also used the artistic ability of Edmund Edel.

He got in touch with the performing arts at the theater where he designed costumes.

Edmund Edel joined the film business in 1913 and he wrote his first screenplay for "Tangofieber" (13).
He wrote numerous other screenplays in the next years for "Die falsche Zaza" (14), "Der möblierte Herr" (15), "Sein süsses Mädel" (16), "Dynamit" (16), "Aus Mangel an Beweisen" (16), "Die Börsenkönigin" (18), "Der Klabautermann" (19) and "Der Skandal im Viktoriaklub" (19).

During the silent movie of the 20s he only wrote scripts sporadically and the these few producitons belong "Schieber" (21), "Die Geheimnisse von Berlin" (21), "Der Mord in der Nacht" (22) and "Wenn die Mutter und die Tochter..." (28).

Edmund Edel also directed his first movie already in 1914 with "Die falsche Zaza" (14).
Here, too, he soon became established and he realised many other movies as a director in the next years. To these works belong "Das verbotene Lachen" (15), "Hermann weiss von nichts" (16), "Aus Mangel an Beweisen" (16), "Das grosse Los" (17), "Die Börsenkönigin" (19), "Frau Hempels Tochter" (19) and "Aus dem Schwarzbuch eines Polizeikommissars, 1. Teil: Loge Nr. 11" (21).

Besides his artitic activity and for his effort in the film business he also was the author of more than 30 novels and he belonged to the co-founders of the magazhine "Narrenschiff", where he published numerous of his caricatures. 

Other movies from Edmund Edel:
Das verbotene Lachen (15) Hermann weiss von nichts (16) Im Joche des Schicksals (16) Doktor Satansohn (16) Spiel im Spiel (16) Professor Nissens seltsamer Tod (17) Das unruhige Hotel (17) Ehestiftung mit Hindernissen (17) Lachende Herzen (19) Geflüster des Teufels (19) Aus dem Schwarzbuch eines Polizeikommissars, 1. Teil: Loge Nr. 11 (21)

Ein Abenteuer im Eisenbahnzug (14) Der möblierte Herr (15) Sein süsses Mädel (16) Im Joche des Schicksals (16) Doktor Satansohn (16) Professor Nissens seltsamer Tod (17) Abenteuer im Warenhaus (17) Ehestiftung mit Hindernissen (17) Das unruhige Hotel (17) Hannemann, ach Hannemann (19) Wenn Männer streiken (19) Lachende Herzen (19)