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Paula Eberty

Foto: Becker & Maass (Atelier 1902-1938)

1869 - 1929

The actress Paula Eberty began her stage career in 1893 and after first appearances at the theater in Krefeld she got an engagement at the Deutsches Theater in Berlin the next year. There she acted regularly on stage for several years. It followed engagements at the Deutsches Theater in Vienna and at the Lessingtheater in Berlin.

Paula Eberty entered the film business in 1918 with the movie "Die Liebe der Maria Bonde" (18).

She continued her film career in the 20s and she impersonated roles in the productions "Grausige Nächte" (20), "Das brennende Geheimnis" (23), "Der Hahn im Korb" (25), "Sünde am Weibe" (27) and "Verlorene Liebe" (27).

Paula Eberty was married with the author Alfred Klaar.

Other movies with Paula Eberty:
Die Liebe der Maria Bonde (18) Hundemamachen (20) Grausige Nächte (21) Der Liebesroman des Cesare Ubaldi (22) Das brennende Geheimnis (23) Königsliebchen (24) Der Hahn im Korb (25) Husarenfieber (25) Grüss mir das blonde Kind am Rhein (26) Sünde am Weibe (27) Verbotene Liebe (27) Die Jagd nach der Braut (27)