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Carl Ebert

Foto: Hans Böhm (1890-1950)
Theatermuseum Wien FS_PM263293

1887 - 1980

The actor Carl Ebert learnt his acting abilites by Max Reinhardt and afterwards he got numerous engagements at different theaters in Germany.
Besides his activity as an actor he became the opera manager at the Staatstheater in Darmstadt from 1927 and four years later he took over the same position at the Deutsche Oper in Berlin.

Carl Ebert soon appeared in his first movies, in 1913 for the first time, when he played in the productions "Das verschleierte Bild von Gross-Kleindorf" (13) and "Sein einziger Bruder" (13).
In the next years followed other movies like "Erlkönigs Töchter" (14), "Der Golem" (15), "Sonne und Schatten" (15) and "Die lebende Tote" (19).

He continued his film career in the 20s and he impersonated roles in the silent movies "Der Golem, wie er in die Welt kam" (20), "Der Stier von Olivera" (21), "Nora" (23), "Wilhelm Tell" (23), "Der Kaufmann von Venedig" (23), "Lebende Buddhas" (25), "Das Abenteuer der Sibylle Brant" (25) and "Sein grosser Fall" (26).

Afterwards he concentrated to his stage career again.
But with the rise of the National Socialism his career in Germany came to an end. He emigrated via Switzerland to England where he was able to work again - among others he was the co-founder of the Glyndebourne festival - later he went to Turkey where he spend his life till after the end of World War II. In the Turkey he took part in the buildup of the Staatstheater.

He went to the USA in 1948 where he got an employment at the University of Southern California.
After his return to Germany in 1954 he became the manager of the Deutsche Oper in Berlin where also realised some productions as a director.

Carl Ebert shot his last movies as a director in the 60s with "Schwäbische Geschichten" (63) and "Dame Kobold" (65).

His son Peter Ebert became an opera director, his grandson Alex Ebert became a musician. 

Other movies with Carl Ebert:
Der Prinzenraub (14) Paragraph 14 B.G.B. (15) Der Sohn des Ministers (15) Die geschlossene Kette (20) Erdgeist (23) Das unbekannte Morgen (23) Fiaker Nr. 13 (26)