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Arthur Duarte

1895 - 1982

The actor and director Arthur Duarte was born as Arthur de Jesus Pinto Pacheco Duarte in Lissabon.

He began his artistic career at the theater in 1918 and three years later he entered the film business too.
To his first movies as an actor belong "A Morgadinha de Valflor" (23), "A Sereia de Pedra" (23) and "As Pupilas de Senhor Reitor" (24).

He also realised his first movie as a director in 1923 with "O Castelo de Chocolate" (23). Afterwards followed a longer interruption before he continued his activity as a movie director.

At the end of 1923 he went to Paris where he continued his career as a movie actor with "Carmen" (26) and "Le bateau de verre" (27). Beside it he worked as the person in charge for the film purchasing for "Castello-Lopes".

When he went to Germany in 1927 he had no problem to continue his acting film career and he took part in numerous well-known pictures.
To his movies in Germany belong "Vom Täter fehlt jede Spur" (28), "Geschlecht in Fesseln" (28), "Asphalt" (29), "Kolonne X" (29), "Die Frau ohne Nerven" (30), "Ludwig der Zweite, König von Bayern" (30) and "Liebe im Ring" (30).

He returned to Portugal with the rise of the National Socialism and he continued to appear in front of the camera. Beside it he widened his experiences as a director assistant.
To his movies as a performer belong "Dona Francisquita" (34), "Gado Bravo" (34), "O Pai Tirano" (41) and "Zalacain el avanturero" (55).

From 1938 he realised regularly movies as a director like "Os Fidalgo da Casa Mourisca" (38), "O Costa do Castelo" (43), "O Leao da Estrela" (47), "Fuego!" (49), "A Garça a Serpente" (52), "Nubes de verano" (55), "Dois Dias no Paraiso" (57) as well as "Roma Portuguesa" (57) and in Brazil he shot the movies "Encontro com a Vida" (60) and "Barqueiros do Douro" (61).

After a long lasting absence as a movie actor he returned in front of the camera for few movies again. To these works belong "Die Nacht von Lissabon" (71), "Ein Käfer gibt Vollgas" (72) and "As aventuras de um Detetive" (75).

He realised his last movie as a director with "A Recompensa" (79) in Portugal.

Other movies with Arthur Duarte (Actor):
O Primo Basilio (23) Der Tanzstudent (28) Die Republik der Backfische (28) Drei Tage auf Leben und Tod – Aus de Logbuch der U.C. 1 (29) Frühlingsrauschen (29) Frauen am Abgrund (29) Trust der Diebe (29) Fräulein Lausbub (30) Scapa Flow (30) Sturm auf drei Herzen (30) Fräulein Lausbub (30) Die Dreigroschenoper (31) Una semana de felicidad (34) Aventura oriental (35) Nubes de verano (55) Serie "Millionen nach Mass: Bitte, zur Kasse" (70)

Fériaas à Beira-Mar (42) A Menina da Radio (44) Es peligroso asomarse al exterior (46) El huésped del cuarto numero 13 (47) O Grande Elias (50) O Noivo das Caldas (56) Encontro com a Morte (65)

Os Fidalgos da Casa Morisca (38) Es peligrose asomarse al exterior (46) El huéesped del cuarto numero 13 (47) Nubes de verano (55) O Noivo das Caldas (56) Dois Dias no Paraiso (57) Encontro com a Vida (60) Encontro com a Morte (65) A Recompensa (79)

Production Designer:
Joao Ratao (40) A Menina da Radio (44) Fuego! (49) Dois Dias no Paraiso (57) Encontro com a Vida (60) Encontro com a Morte (65)

A Menina da Radio (44) Nubes de verano (55) Encontro com a Vida (60) A Recompensa (79)

Director Assistant:
Una semana de felicidad (349 Aventura oriental (35) Poderoso caballero (36) Las tres gracias (3e6) Bocage (36) Feitiço do Império (40)

A Rosa do Adro (38) El huésped del cuarto numero 13 (47)