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Marie Luise Droop

1890 - 1959

The screenwriter Marie Luise Droop was born as Marie Martha Luise Fritsch in Stettin.

She grew up in a wealthy family and she enjoyed an appropriate academic education. Among others she went to the Anglo-Continental-School in Folkestone and to the art college in Bruxelles.

When she returned to her hometown she learnt the profession of a librarian, later she wrote her first novels and was busy as an editor for the Ullstein publishing.

She wrote her first screenplay in 1918 for "Der siebente Kuss" (18) and in the next years Marie Luise Droop wrote other screenplays like "Die Lieblingsfrau des Maharadscha (19-21) - based on one of her novels - "Die Lumpenprinzessin" (19) and "Die Waise" (19).

She experienced the height of her cinematical career in the 20s.
She wrote numerous scripts for popular movies like "Die Todeskarawane" (20), "Prometheus" (21), "Mignon" (22), "Der Mann um Mitternacht" (24), "Das alte Ballhaus" (25), "Volk in Not" (25), "Die Wiskottens" (26), "Stolzenfeld am Rhein" (27), "Das Mädchen aus Frisco" (27) and "Was ist los mit Nanette?" (29).

In the 30s came only few more movies into being based on her scripts. To these works belong "Drei blaue Jungs, ein blondes Mädel" (33), "Die Reiter von Deutsch-Ostafrika" (34) und "Die Drei um Christine" (36).

Beside her activity as a screenwrither she also realised two movies as a director with "Das Fest der schwarzen Tulpe" (20) and "Die Teufelsanbeter" (20). Moreover she was also the producer of "Auf den Trümmern des Paradieses" (20), "Das Fest der schwarzen Tulpe" (20) and "Die Todeswkarawane" (30).

Private Marie Luise Droop was a devotee of the author Karl May who she even met personally in 1908. They maintained an extensive penpalship. She inspired Karl May for his literary character "Merhameh". When Karl May was on trial because of slander it was Marie Luise Droop who could call an important witness against Karl May as a dummy of the prosecutor.
It was also Marie Luise Droop who realised the first filmings based on Karl May's novels.

During her career she used also the pen names Lu Fritsch and Ludwig Fritsch.

Other movies from Marie Luise Droop:
Das Lächeln der kleinen Beate (19) Die Fahrt ins Glücksland (19) Lykkelandet (19) Auf den Trümmern des Paradieses (20) Das Fest der schwarzen Tulpe (20) Die Teufelsanbeter (20) Ehrenschuld (21) Die Liebeslaube (22) Divankatzen (22) Das rollende Schicksal (23) Um eines Weibes Ehre (24) Die suchende Seele (25) Aschermittwoch (25) Die eiserne Braut (25) In Treue stark (26) Deutsche Frauen – Deutsche Treue (27) Steh' ich in finstrer Mitternacht (27) Die Tochter des Kunstreiters (27) Der Sittenrichter (29) Morgenröte (29) Mädchen am Kreuz (29) Sturm auf drei Herzen (30)