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Nico Dostal

1895 - 1981

The composer Nico Dostal was born as Nicolaus Josef Michaël and he became later famous as an operetta composer. 

But before he entered the world of music he studied law at the University of Vienna. Finally he deleloped the music and graduated a music study at the Academy for church music in Klsoterneuburg where he achieved first attention with his "Grossen Messe" from 1913.

After World War I he worked as a theater bandmaster in different cities before he came to Berlin in 1924 where he came in touch with the light music. He first was busy as an arranger for well-known composers like Franz Lehar and Robert Stolz, finally he wrote first own compositions for movies. 

To these productions belong "Drei Tage Mittelarrest" (30), "Kopfüber ins Glück" (31) and "Kaiserwalzer" (33).

Till the end of World War II Nico Dostal wrote other film compositions for "Fiakerlied" (36), "Mordsache Holm" (38), "13 Stühle" (38), "Das Lied der Wüste" (39), "Die Geierwally" (40) and "Glück bei den Frauen" (44).

To his operettas of those years belong "Clivia" (33), "Monika" (37), "Die ungarische Hochzeit" (39), "Eva im Abendkleid" (42) and "Manina" (42).

After the war he moved to Vienna and eight years later to Salzburg where he continued his career as a composer. 

To his comprehensive works belong the film compositions for "Frühling auf dem Eis" (51), "Das Herz einer Frau" (51), "Eine Nacht in Venedig" (53), "Die ungarische Hochzeit" (68) and "Ein Walzer zu zweien" (75) as well as the operettas "Ein Fremder in Venedig" (46), "Der Kurier der Königin" (50), "Doktor Eisenbart" (52), "So macht man Karriere" (61) and "Rhapsodie der Liebe" (63).

Other movies from Nico Dostal: 
Chacun sa chance (31) Das Mädchen mit dem guten Ruf (38) Der Optimist (38) Heimatland (39) Panik (40-43) Schwarz auf weiss (43) Kind der Donau (50) Seesterne (52) Clivia (54)