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Alfred Deutsch-German

1870 - 1943

The writer and director Alfred Deutsch-German began his professional career as a journalist for different newspapers.
Finally he became also established as an author.

He already wrote his first screenplay in 1913 for the movie "Johann Strauss an der schönen blauen Donau" (13) and in the next years he wrote the scripts for productions like "Frau Gertrud Namenlos" (14), "Das Kriegspatenkind" (15), "Bogdan Stimoff" (16),"Das Auge des Buddha" (19) and "Die schwarze Fahne" (19).

He continued his career as a screenwriter in the 20s and to his works belong "Ludwig II" (22), "Wien, du Stadt der Lieder" (23), "Franz Lehar, der Operettenkönig" (25), "Befehl zur Ehe" (28) and "Erzherzog Johann" (29).

From 1922 he realised several movies as a director for which he often wrote the screenplay. To these directions belong "Die Welt in Gefahr" (22), "Wien, du Stadt der Lieder" (23), "Franz Schuberts letzte Liebe" (26) and "Frau Braier aus Gaya" (26).

His film career came to an end with the rise of the sound film. He only directed the sound movies "Die Tat des Andreas Harmer" (30) and "Der Musikant von Eisenstadt" (34).

When Austria became part of the German Reich the Jew Alfred Deutsch-German had to flee to Nizza. But he was arrested there and he came to Drancy before they deported him to Auschwitz in 1943. There he was murdered by gas.

Other movies from Alfred Deutsch-German (Writer):
Tyrannenherrschaft (16) Alte Zeit, neue Zeit (19) Die Rosenkreuzer (22) Pflicht und Ehre (24) Die Tat des Andreas Harmer (30)

Pflicht und Ehre (24) Franz Lehar, der Operettenkönig (25)