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Mimo von Delly

1907 - 1995

The actress Mimo von Delly was born as Erdély Maria Ernesztina in Teschen. She visited the theater school in Budapest in 1924, afterwards she appeared among others at the operetta theater Metropolitan. Finally she played her first movie roles from 1929, first in Germany and with the rise of the sound film in Hungary.
To her first movies belong "Ein kleiner Vorschuss auf die Seligkeit" (29) playing the role of Ninette mit Paul Hörbiger, Dina Gralla, Imre Raday, Henry Bender, Adolphe Engers, Sophie Pagay and Bruno Ziener and Karel Lamac's "Skandal in der Casanova Bar" (29) as dancer Mimi Gwenda with Anny Ondra, Werner Fütterer, Siegfried Arno, Gastson Jacquet and Karl Harbacher.

She shifted her activity field to Hungary in the 30s with few exceptions where she used the pen name Mici Erdelyi. In the next years she impersonated numerous other movie roles.
To these works belong "Hyppolit a lakaj" (31), "Buzavirag" (34), "Emmy" (34), "Karneval der Liebe" (34) directed by Karel Lamac as Dolly with Hermann Thimig, Lien Deyers, Hans Moser and Rudolf Carl, "En volam" (36), "Edes a bosszu" (37), as Luise "Hochzeitsreise zu 50%" (37) at the side of Ernst Verebes and Gyula Kabos, "Péntek Rézi" (38) and "Erik a buzakalasz" (39).

Her last cinematical works came at the beginning of the 40s into being with "Tokaji aszu" (41), "Katyi" (42) and "Jomadar" (43).

Mimo von Delly was among others married with the actor Imre Raday.

Other movies with Mimo von Delly:
Pardon, tévedtem (33) Helyet at öregeknek (34) Ende schlecht, alles gut (34) Az okos mama (35) Köszönöm, hogy elgazolt (35) Edes mostoha (35) Pokhalo (36) Naszut félaron (36) RAd bizom a feleségem (37) Edes a bosszu (37) Szerelemböl nösültem (37) Pillanatnyi penzzavar (38) A papucshös (38) Tizenharom kislany mosolyog az égre (38) Matyas rendet csinal (3) A miniszter baratja (39) Szeressük egymast (41) Alomkeringö (43) Sziami macska (43)