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Constantin J. David

1886 - 1964

The director Constantin J. David learnt the ability of a journalist and author with studies in Paris, Berlin and Munich.
He began his professional career for the magazine "Der Weckruf", if followed an employment for the magazine "Kornscheuer".

He expanded his activity with the founding of the "Internationales Institut für Moderne Künste" in 1921. Finally he worked for the Greenbaum-Film from 1922 to 1925 whose co-owner he was.

Constantin J. David realised his first movies as a director in 1925 with "Sündenbabel" (25) and "Die unberührte Frau" (25), it followed other silent movies with "Unser täglich Brot" (26), "Gräfin Plättmamsell" (26), "Männer vor der Ehe" (27), "Berlin After Dark" (28), "Die Republik der Backfische" (28) and "Tagebuch einer Kokotte" (29).

To some of his movies he also wrote the screenplay. In addition he was also active in front of the camera for the movie "Die unberührte Frau" (25).

The 30s were very eventful in his life. First he directed the movies "Liebeslied" (31) and "Kennst Du das Land" (31), afterwards he founded the first sound film studios in Italy and later in Spain.
In Spain he realised three more movies as a director with "Madrid" (35), "Ma musa y el fénix" (35) and "La romerioa del Rocio" (35).

With the outbreak of the Spanish civil war he went to Turkey where he got the order of the government to devise the national film business.

He lived in France during World War II where soon was no longer in a safe place because of his Jewish origin. Despite great efforts he was not able to departure for the USA. He only managed it after the war in 1947.
In the USA he realised two movies as a producer with "Parole, Inc." (48) and "Alimony" (49).

Other movies from Constantin J. David (Director):
Das Mädchen ohne Heimat (27) Das brennende Schiff (27) Vom Täter fehlt jede Spur (28)

Sündenbabel (25) Die unberührte Frau (25) Das Mädchen ohne Heimat (27) Die Republik der Backfische (28) Liebeslied (31)