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Lili Darvas

Foto: Edith Barakovich (1896-1940)

1906 - 1974

The actress Lili Darvas, born in Budapest (depending on the source in 1906 or 1902) began her career at the theater, first in Budapest where she made debut als Julia in "Romeo and Juliet" (26), later in Germany as well where she played for Max Reinhardt. 

She soon became a successful stage actress and she toured through Europe in the 20s performing classics by Shakespeare, Goethe and others.

When she came to the USA she not only was successful on Broadway with the play "A Midsummer Night's Dream" but also took part in her first movie "Camille" (26) at Paul Robeson's, Pauline Starke's and Anita Loos's side. She and her husband, the famour writer Ferenc Molnar, were celebrated in the USA and even a visit with the than US president Calvin Cooldige was organised.

When she returned to Austria she continued her stage career, beside it she appeared in one more movie - "Tagebuch der Geliebten" (35). The movie war directed by Heinrich Kosterlitz who later became famous in the USA as Henry Koster, the actors in the movie were Attila Hörbiger, S.Z. Szakall and Frida Richard.

When Austria became integrated into the German Reich, Lili Darvas fled to Switzerland because she had a Jewish background. 
From there she went to the USA where she had good contacts thanks to her engagements in the 20s and in 1944 she got the American citizenship. 
There she was able to continue her work on stage and got offered thankful roles. To her late heights at the theater belongs the nomination for the Tony Award in 1971 for the play "Les Blancs".

From the 50s she also appeared regular in front of the camera, mostly for TV productions of popular serials. 
To these productions belong an episode of the serial "Studio One: The Great Lady" (52), an episode of the serial "Danger: The Innocent and the Guilty" (53), an episode of the serial "Justice: The Baker's Son" (54), an episode of the serial "Appointment with Adventure: Dark Memory" (55), an episode of the serial "Climax!: Flight 951" (55), "Meet Me in Las EVegas" (56) with Cyd Charisse and Agnes Moorehead, an episode of the serial "The United States Steel Hour: The Littlest Enemy" (58) and an episode of the serial "The Further Adventures of Ellery Queen: Shadow of the Past" (59).

She continued her activity for television and few feature movies, among them "Cimarron" (60) with Glenn Ford, Maria Schell and Anne Baxter, "Twenty-Four Hours in a Woman's Life" (61), an episode of the serial "The Twilight Zone: Long Distance Call" (61) and an episode of the serial "The Man from U.N.C.L.E.: The Secret Sceptre Affair" (65).

Her last movie was "Szerelem" (71), for which she got a special award at the film festivals of Cannes.

Her husband Ferenc Molnar wrote some plays especially for her, among them "Olympia", "Riviera" and "The Girl from Trieste".

Other movies with Lili Darvas:
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