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Paul Czinner

1890 - 1972

The director Paul Czinner finished his education in philosophy and literature before he began his professional career as a journalist. Afterwards he entered the film business in 1919.
He realised his first two movies as a director with "Inferno" (19) and "homo immanis" (19). He also wrote the screen play for both movies.

His numbers of movies remained reduced in the next years and he shot the silent movies "Opfer der Leidenschaft" (22), "Nju" (24), "Der Geiger von Florenz" (26), "Liebe" (27), "Dona Juana" (29) and "Fršulein Else" (29).

He realised his last German productions at the beginning of the 30s with "Ariane" (31) and "Der tršumende Mund" (32).
With the rise of the National Socialism Paul Czinner has to leave Germany together with his partner, the actress Elisabeth Bergner, because both were Jews. The fled to England.
There he was able to continue his career as a movie director and he realised the productions "The Rise of Catherine the Great" (34), "Escape Me Never" (35), "As You Like It" (36) and "Stolen Life" (39).

They both went to the USA in 1940 where Paul Czinner concentrated his work on Broadway. He did not realise any movies in the USA.
When World War II ended he returned with Elisabeth Bergner to England where he shot his last movies as a director with "Mozart's Don Giovanni" (55), "Der Rosenkavalier" (62) and "Romeo and Juliet" (66).

Other movies with Paul Czinner (Director):
The Way of Lost Souls (29) Mťlo (32) Dreaming Lips (37) The Bolshoi Ballet (57) The Royal Ballet (57)

Nju (24) Eifersucht (25) Der Geiger von Florenz (26) Liebe (27) Dona Juana (28) Fršulein Else (29) Ariane (31) Der tršumende Mund (32) Mťlo (32) The Bolshoi Ballet (57)

Inferno (19) Nju (24) Dona Juana (28) The Way of Lost Souls (29) As You Like It (3w6) Dreaming Lips (37) Stolen Life (39) Mozart's Don Giovanni (55) The Bolshoi Ballet (57) Der Rosenkavalier (62) Romeo and Juliet (66)