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Josef Coenen

1885 - ?

The actor and director Josef Coenen took acting lessons by the actor Fritz Odemar senior and in 1905 he got his first stage engagement at the Stadttheater in Cologne. There he not only appeared as an actor but als directed some plays.
Via Essen and Koblenz he reached Berlin in 1909 and several years later he got in touch with the film business there.

He impersonated first movie roles from 1912 and he took part in "Weihnachtsfreud und -leid" (12), "Die Jagd nach der Hundertpfundnote oder Die Reise um die Welt" (13), "Der Herr der Welt" (13) and "Und der Mond lacht dazu" (14).

From the middle of the 10s followed numerous movies with Josef Coenen as an actor again but he also realised several movies as a director too.
In the next years he played roles in movies like "Die Stricknadeln" (16), "Und die Gerechtigkeit fand den Weg" (16) and "Der Wilderer" (18).

As a director he shot the productions "Der Einäugige" (16), "Phantome des Lebens" (19), "Die Ehe der Frau Mary" (19), "Die blonde Loo" (19), "Die Insel der Glücklichen" (19) and "Wolkenblau und Flimmerstern" (19).

In 1922 he founded his own production company and remained true to the film business till 1929. He failed to make it to the sound film era, the more so as a long lasting illness affected him highly.

Other movies mit Josef Coenen:
Das Teufelsloch (13) Raum ist in der kleinsten Hütte (13) Eine Nacht in Berlin oder Die Löwen sind los (14) Der Lumpenbaron (14) Das Glück im Winkel (14) Das tanzende Herz (16) Das Herz vom Hochland (18)

Das tanzende Herz (16)

Production Designer:
Die Sündenkette (17)