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Heinz von Cleve

Heinz von Cleve
Foto: Alexander Binder (1888-1929)

1897 - 1984

The actor Heinz von Cleve began his career as a stage actor in smaller cities before he came to Berlin at the beginning of the 30's. There he first continued his stage career, from 1933 he also took part in several movies. 

He made his film debut with "Walzerkrieg" (33), it followed "Die Insel" (34), "Hundert Tage" (35), "Viktoria" (35), "Der Favorit der Kaiserin" (36), "Ein Volksfeind" (37), "Der Biberpelz" (39) and "Mario Ilona" (39).

Together with the actor Heinrich George whom he much admired he shot several movies and they went on tour with the play "Der Richter von Zalamea".

During wartime he did not longer appear in movies. After the war he continued his career as a theater actor and he only took part rarely in postwar movies.
To his last movies belong "Viel Lärm um nichts" (58) and the serial "Das Halstuch" (62).

Besides his activity as an actor he was also a synchron speaker and took part in radio plays.

Other movies with Heinz von Cleve:
Abel mit der Mundharmonika (33) Glückspilze (35) Liselotte von der Pfalz (35) Leichte Kavallerie (35) Ritt in die Freiheit (37) Ball im Metropol (37) Kleines Intermezzo (38) Verdacht auf Ursula (39) War es der im 3. Stock? (39)