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Marie Luise Claudius

Lichtbild aus "Die Entführung" 1936

1912 - 1941

The actress Marie Luise Claudius was born into a family in which her father Erich Claudius and her mother Liesbeth Rescke were already active as actor. The gallery of ancestral portraits can be backtracked in the artistic aspect to her grandfather who was a composer via her great-grandfather who was a writer till to her great-great-grandfather Matthias Claudius (1740-1815) who was a poet related on his part with Theodor Storm and Johannes Brahms.
Marie Luise Claudius already played first roles on stages as a child which was the prologue to a great film career.

She made her film debut in 1933 with "Reifende Jugend" and in the following years she was built up as a prospective star. She took part in movies like "Krach um Jolanthe" (34), "Peer Gynt" (34) and "Der alte und der junge König" (35) in the following years.

One of her greatest successes war the humorous detective story "Der Mann, der Sherlock Holmes war" (37). After that she only appeared in few more movies like "Pan" (37), "Schatten über St. Pauli" (38) and "Maya zwischen zwei Ehen" (38) before she had to retire from acting because of a weakness of her heart muscle. Shortly afterwards she died unexpectedly an the age of only 29. 

Other movies with Marie Luise Claudius:
Die Stimme der Liebe (33) Das verlorene Tal (34) Das Tal der Liebe/Der Ammenkönig (35) Ich war Jack Mortimer (35) Der rote Reiter (35) Die Entführung (36) August der Starke (36) Einmal werd' ich dir gefallen (37) Ein Robinson - Tagebuch eines Matrosen (39)