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Rudolf Christians

Picture Rudolf Christians

1869 - 1921

The actor Rudolf Christians was very successful at different German stages before he also turned the the film business.
To his first silent movies belong "Seine Kammerjungfer" (13) and "Das alte Lied" (14).

Finally he went with his family to the USA where he became a director at the Irving Place Theatre. But when World War I broke out, his wife and his daughter returned to Germany, he remained in the USA. There he continued successfully his filmcareer and he took part in the productions "Burnt Wings" (20), "Human Stuff" (20) and in one of Erich von Stroheim's first movies as a director called "Foolish Wives" (21).

Rudolf Christians didn't live to see the showing of his last movie which was considered to be a production of the superlative from the beginning. He died during the shooting because of pneumonia.
His role as Mr. Hughes was impersonated by the actor Robert Edeson for the last takes.

Rudolf Christians war married with the actress Bertha Klein. His daughter Mady Christians became also a famous actress, in Germany as well as in the USA.

Other movies with Rudolf Christians:
Dissonanzen des Lebens (13) Lottes Vormund (14) Her Five-Foot Highness (20) The Secret Gift (20)