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Maria Cebotari

Foto: Georg Fayer (1892-1950)

1910 - 1949

The real fame of the actress Maria Cebotari was based on her vocal career. Because of her enormous popularity as a singer she also got offered some roles in the talkies.

To begin with Maria Cebotari was working as an actress at the Moscow artist theater before she decided in 1929 to attend a singing study in Berlin. In 1931 she got an engagement as an opera singer in Dresden and launched with it a very successful career. She sang in Dresden till 1943, from 1936 also at the Berliner state opera. Especially her interpretations of the works of Wolfgang Amadeus MOzart and Richard Strauss belonged to her specialities.

She already made her film debut in 1929 with "Troika" (29), but only from the middle of the 30's she asserted in this profession too. To her well-known movies belong "Mädchen in Weiss" (36), "Starke Herzen" (37) and "Il sogno di Butterfly - Premiere der Butterfly" (39).
In the 40's followed other movies like "Amami, Alfredo!" (40) and "Maria Malibran" (42).

Briefly before her early death she was engaged for the music festival of Salzburg by Herbert von Karajan, where she celebrated a height with "The Marriage of Figaro" once more.

Maria Cebotari was married in second marriage with the actor Gustav Diessl.

Other movies with Maria Cebotari:
Giuseppe Verdi (35) Solo per te (37) Mutterlied (37) Odessa in fiamme (42) Leckerbissen (48)