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Maria Carmi

Foto: Hugo Erfurth (1874-1948)

1880 - 1957

The actress Maria Carmi was born as Eleanora Erna Cecilia Gilli. She began her stage career at Max Reinhardt's acting school and belonged to his company from 1907 to 1909. From 1911 she was also engaged on Italian stages.

In Germany she acted among others in two dramas of Karl Gustav Vollmöller who she got married in 1904. When both stage playes of Vollmoeller were finally filmed, Maria Carmi could lay the foundation of her short career in the film business.
The movie "Das Mirakel" (12) wasn't a film in this sense, it was more a shooting of a theater production, but Vollmoeller's "Eine venezianische Nacht" (13) was captured on the screen in a manner of a motion picture.

During a guest performance in London she got in contact with the Italian Cines company and varied her engagements between German and Italian productions in the next years. 
Because of her charisma Maria Carmi was like made for the highbrow melodramas "Sperduti nel bulo" (14) and "Teresa Raquin" (14). 

At the beginning of World War I she returned to Berlin and acted in movies mostly directed by Robert Reinert like "Aphrodite" (16), "Das Haus der Leidenschaft" (16) and "Der Weg des Todes" (17). 
After the war and her divorce from Vollmoeller in 1917 she got married a second time in the same year with Prince George V. Matchabelli and became Princess Norina Matchabelli. She returned to Italy where her former German movies were great successes. But the affiliation with the Italian film wasn't granted to her. After only two movies she decided to devote completely to the theater.

Maria Carmi went to the USA in 1923 at the invention of Max Reinhardt and acted there in a new productioon of "Das Mirakel" in New York. 
After a tour through Detroit, Milwaukee and Dallas she opened a drama school in New York.

When Maria Carmi became a supporter of the Guru Meher Baba the marriage with Prince Matchabelli got divorced. She remained active to the Guru till to her death and lived in poor circumstances in India.

Other movies with Maria Carmi:
L'accordo in minore (14) La mia vita per la tua!/Mein Leben für das Deinige (14) Retaggio d'odio/Die Tote (14) Im Zauber der Barcarole (15) Im Taumel des Hasses (14) Im ewigen Dunkel (15) Fluch der Schönheit (15) Der Hermelinmantel (15) Therese (15) Die rätselhafte Frau (15) Spinolas letztes Gesicht (15) Seine schöne Mama (15) Theorie des Wahnsinns (16) Das Wunder der Madonna (16) Für den Ruhm des Geliebten (16) Die geheimnisvollen Strahlen (16) Der Pfad der Sünde (16) Der Letzte eines alten Geschlechts (16) Die Richterin von Solvigsholm (16) Der Fluch der Sonne (16) Küsse, die töten (16) Wenn Tote sprechen (17) Die Memoiren der Tragödin Thamar (17) Rächende Liebe (17) Das Spitzentuch der Fürstin Wolkowska (18) Wenn die Sonne sinkt (18) Per il passato (20) Forse che si, forse che no (21)