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Hans Carste

1909 - 1971

The filmcomposer Hans Carste first studied political and economic science from 1927 before he turned towards the music and went to the Vienna Music Academy. 

Afterewards he first worked at the Vienna Opera, it followed an engagement an the Opera of Breslau before he went to Berlin to start his great career. 

In the next years he wrote the music for many movies, among them "Roman einer Nacht" (33), "Das Erbe von Pretoria" (34), "Der Flüchtling aus Chicago" (34), "Varieté" (35), "Der andere Mann" (37), "Unter Ausschluss der Öffentlichkeit" (37) and "Die Frau ohne Vergangenheit" (39). 
During World War II he only wrote one more film composition for "Die unvollkommene Liebe" (40).
Beside it he released many records via Elektrola with his dance band.

Hans Carste was enlisted in 1942 and had to go to the east front. There he became seriously wounded and came into Russian imprisonment where he continued to compose music. 
Only in 1948 he was released from prison and was able to return to Germany. One year later he took over the lead of the entertainment and dance music by RIAS Berlin. Three years later his opera "Lump mit Herz" received its world premiere. 

He also gained a foothold in the film business again and wrote the music for the productions "Madonna in Ketten" (49), "An jedem Finger zehn" (54), "Liebe ist ja nur ein Märchen" (55) and "Im schwarzen Rössl" (61).

His theme song for the TV news in 1952 became familiar to a huge public. 

Other movies from Hans Carste: 
Gretel zieht das grosse Los (33) Es knallt (34) In Sachen Timpe (34) Liebe dumme Mama (34) Ein ganzer Kerl (35) Der Aussenseiter (35) Die Unterschlagung (37) IA in Oberbayern (37) Die gläserne Kugel (37) So weit geht die Liebe nicht (37) Spiel auf der Tenne (37) Sparkasse mit Likör (37) Maja zwischen zwei Ehen (38) Drei wunderschöne Tage (39) Die barmherzige Lüge (39) Glückliche Reise (54) Der schweigende Engel (54) Lass die Sonne wieder scheinen (55) Frühling in Berlin (47)