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Carla Carlsen

1909 - 1995

The actress Carla Carlsen was born as Karla Erni Kassanda Schwarz in Kiel. The year of birth devitates between 1903 and 1909 depending on the source.

She made her first experiences as a a singer and actress at different theaters in the Netherlands. 
Finally she came to Germany where she established herself as well in Dresden and Berlin. 
There she was successful with operettas at the Metropol Theater and at the Komische Oper. 

Because of her popularity she was able to enter the film business at the beginning of the 30s and she took part in few movies, among them "Frau Lehmanns Töchter" (32), "Wer ist die süsse Kleine?" (32), "Keinen Tag ohne Dich" (33), "Glückliche Reise" (33), "Die rosarotte Brille" (34) and "Zimmermädchen...Dreimal klingeln" (34).

During World War II she continued her career on the stage and she also released several recordings. 

After the war she was able to tour through Germany but did not achieve the former success. Finally the name Carla Carlsen sank into oblivion and she earned her livelihood as a saleswoman.