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Georg Burghardt

Lichtbild aus "Des Königs Befehl" 1926

1876 - 1943

The actor Georg Burghardt was born as Georg Meyer in Berlin.
He began his theater career in St. Gallen/Switzerland before he returned to Germany where he appeared at numerous theaters. From 1910 to 1918 he impersonated roles at the Schauspielhaus in Munich and during this time he was also spotted for the film business.

He made his film debut in 1914 with "Das Heldenmädchen aus den Vogesen" (14).
He appeared regularly in front of the camera from 1917, among them "Kinder der Strasse" (18), "Der Würger von Ulmenried" (19) and "Aus den Geheimnissen eines Frauenklosters" (19).

It followed an interruption of several years in which he concentrated to his stage career in Berlin before Georg Burghardt continued his film career in 1926 which remained limited to the silent film era.
To his movies of the 20s belong "Des Königs Befehl" (26), "Die Weber" (27), "Das tanzende Wien" (27), "Dr. Bessels Verwandlung" (27) and "Richthofen" (29).

Besides his activity as an actor Georg Burghardt also realised several movies as a director like "Bauernehre" (18), "Der Würger von Ulmenried" (19), "Die Sängerin" (21) and "Louise de Lavallière" (22).

His career came to an end in 1933 because he didn't get any engagements anymore because he was a Jew. At the end he died completely impoverished at the age of 67. 

Other movies from Georg Burghardt (Director):
Aus den Geheimnissen eines Frauenklosters (19) Wenn Menschen heisse Tränen weinen (20)

Onkel Tobias als Tugendwächter (17) Bauernehre (18) Die Entfettungskur (19) Arbeit (19) Nixchen (26) Ein Tag der Rosen im August... (27) Steh' ich in finstrer Mitternacht (27)