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Dimitri Buchowetzki

*1885 - ?

The director Dimitri Buchowetzki began his artistic career in Moscow where he was active both as a stage actor and director.

He made first cinematical experiences in Russia as well when he appeared in small roles in "Stantsionnyy smotritel" (18) and "Lojak" (19).

With the outbreak of the October revolution he had to leave his home country and he went via Poland to Germany.
There he became established as a movie director and he realised the productions "Anita Jo" (19), "Danton" (21), "Sappho" (21), "Othello" (22), "Peter der Grosse" (22) and "Das Laster des Spiels" (23). Some of these movies went into the German film history.

Despite his success in Germany he went to the USA on the request of the actress Pola Negri. There they worked together again.
Dimitri Buchowetzik was able to continue his career as a director in the USA and he shot the movies "Men" (24), "Lily of the Dust" (24), "The Swan" (25), "The Midnight Sun" (26) and "Valencia" (26).

Because his last movies were not as successful as expected the production companies did no longer support him.
To his last works as a director belong "Weib im Dschungel" (31), "Die Nacht der Entscheidung" (31), "Stamboul" (31) and "El hombre que asesino" (32).

Besides his activity as a director Dimitri Buchowetzki also wrote the screenplays for most of his movies.

*Other sources say that he was born in 1893 and died after 1965. Unfortunately wikipedia.de and wikipedia.org contradict each other.

Other movies from Dimitri Buchowetzki (Director):
Der Galiläer (21) Die letzte Stunde (21) Das Experiment des Prof. Mithrany (21) Symphonie des Todes (21) Die Gräfin von Paris (22) Karusellen (23) Graustark (25) TheC rown of Lies (26) Le réquisitoire (31) Magie moderne (31)

Blanc et noir (19) Der Stier von Olivera (21) Landstrasse und Grossstadt (21) Danton (21) Das Experiment des Prof. Mithrany (21) Sappho (21) Symphonie des Todes (21) Othello (22) Das Laster des Spiels (23) Men (24) The Swan (25) Valencia (26)

Khamka (18) Bogatyr dukha (18) Tovarishch Abram (19) Blanc et noir (19) L'angoissanrte aventure (20) Przez pieklo (21) Die Brüder Karamasoff (21)