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Walther Brügmann

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1884 - 1945

The actor and director Walther Brügmann made an education as a bookseller, beside it he was already interest in acting and he took acting lessons.

He made his stage debut in Leipzig in 1904, it followed engagements in Gera, Münster, again in Lepizig and Frankfurt am Main.

He became not only established as a stage actor but he also realised plays as a director from 1912.

He went to Munich at the beginning of the 30s, afterwards he moved to Berlin where he continued his stage career successfully.

During the years of the National Socialism his career ended in Germany. As a result of a denunciation he was suspended from the Reichstheaterkammer. He first worked in Austria and Italy before he emigrated to Switzerland.
There he was active again as a director at the Stadttheater Bern, later he became a director of the opera.

Walther Brügmann was only rarely active in the film business.
As an actor he took part in the productions „Zum Paradies der Damen“ (22) directed by Lupu Pick with Edith Posca, Hermann Picha, Lupu Pick and Leopold von Ledebur, in Karl Grune's „Schlagende Wetter“ (23) at the side of Liane Haid, Carl de Vogt, Fritz Kampers, Leonhard Haskel and Eugen Klöpfer as well as „Der Grossindustrielle“ (23) with Maria Forescu, Erich Kaiser-Titz, Erna Morena, Claire Rommer and Kurt Vespermann.

He also realised a short movie as a director with „Die verlorene Melodie“ (33) with Hans Brausewetter, Hans Junkermann, Fritz Kampers and Alexa von Porembsky.