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Louise Brooks

Foto: Alexander Binder (1888-1929)

1906 - 1985

The actress Louise Brooks began her career as a dancer on Broadway before she got a contract by Paramount.
Her first movie was "The Street of Forgotten Men" (25), it followed the movies "The American Venus" (26), "A Social Celebrity" (26), "Just Antother Blonde" (26), "Rolled Stockings" (27), "A Girl in Every Port" (28), "Beggards of Life" (28) and "The Canary Murder Case" (29).
Her trademarke became her haircut which established the Eton crop (Bubikopf) as a vogue.

Finally she went to Germany for one years where she appeared in her most famous movies "Die Büchse der Pandora" (29) and "Tagebuch einer Verlorenen" (29). Both movies were directed by Georg Wilhalm Pabst.
For Pabst and René Claire she acted in the French production "Prix de beauté" (30).

Afterwards Louise Brooks returned to the USA but she had to content herself with little success. She got engagements in "God's Gift to Women" (31), "Empty Saddles" (36), "King of Gamlers" (37) and "Overland Stage Raiders" (38).

She turned away from the film business disappointed and she earned her livint at the radio and in night clubs.

Louise Brooks experienced a resurrection as a movie star in the 50s. Her early works were emphasised and she was now considered as one of the most important actresses of the past silent film.
In fact Louse Brooks did not appear in movies again but she began to write about her former film career. The articles were published as a book many years later and offers an insight to the former Hollywood system and to the life of other stars.

Other movies with Louise Brooks:
Love 'Em and Leave 'Em (26) It's the Old Army Game (26) The Show Off (26) Evening Clothes (27) Now We're in the Air (27) The City Gone Wild (27) It Pays to Advertise (31) Windy Riley Goes Hollywood (31) When You're in Love (37)