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Frieda Brock

Bildnis: Jan Vilimek (1860-1938)

1873 - 1943

The actress Frieda Brock was born into an artistic family. Her mother was the stage actress Helene Brock. Thank to her mother the young Frieda Brock was able to join the theater as a child and she impersonated several roles.

The theater remained her dream job as an adult too and she continued her stage career successfully. After appearances at smaller theaters she was engaged to Berlin where she played at the Residenztheater and later at the Schillertheater. She was successfully straightaway.

Frieda Brock only appeared sporadically in movies. Her first movie was "Peters Erbschaft" (20) with Hermann Vallentin in the leading role.

It followed "Im Strudel der Grossstadt" (21) directed by Kurt Gerron and Artur Landsberger. In this movie she played the role of Faktotum at the side of Rosa Bertens, Julius Geissendörfer, Hanni Weisse and Albert Paulig.

Her last movie came in 1922 into being with "Das Blut" (22) where she played the role of the server Brigitte. Zu her co-stars belonged Albert Steinrück, Hanni Weisse, Guido Herzfeld, Victor Varconi and Sophie Pagay.