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Ernst Bringolf

1889 - 1954

The actor Ernst Bringolf was a busy stage actor who only appeared rarely in movies.

First he finished an education as a locksmith before he decided to take acting lessons.
Afterwards he got first engagements at the theaters, among others in Munich and Hamburg.

His career was interrupted by World War I and as a Swiss citizen he served for the Swiss Army in those years.

He went back to Germany after the war where he continued his stage career. To his stations belonged among others Hanover, Königsberg and Berlin.

In Berlin he got in touch with the film business and he impersonated his first role in "Die Abenteuer eines Ermordeten, 2. Teil: Der Smaragd des Badjah von Panlanzur" (21) directed by Louis Ralph with Karl Etlinger, Karl Falkenberg, Charlotte Ander, Louis Brody and Heinrich Peer.

In the same year followed his last movie "Arme Violetta" (21) with Pola Negri, Paul Biensfeldt, Alexander Antalffy, Michael Bohnen, Guido Herzfeld, Paul Otto and Victor Varconi.

Afterwards he concentrated to he theater career again, beside it he also worked for the radio where he realised radio plays as a director.

Ernst Bringolf left Germany with the rise of the National Socialist and went back to Switzerland where he contintued to work at the theater and for the radio. For the radio he not only directed radio plays but also wrote some own plays.
In Switzerland he realised his only movie as a director with "Meh Glück als Verstand" (35) with Fredy Scheim.