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Harald Bratt

1897 - 1967

The writer Harald Bratt was born as August Christian Riekel. After a study at different Universities he habilitated in philosophy and psychology and he got the admission to teach as a private lecturer for philosophy.

In 1928 he became professor for educational science and he became controversial because of his progressive ideas. It followed an indemnity and finally the ejection by the NSDAP. 

Thereupon August Christian Riekel turned towards the writing of plays for stage and screen and chose the pseudonym Harald Bratt at the same time.

To his screenplays of the 30's and 40's belong gehören "Die Insel" (34), "Der grüne Domino" (35), "Mädchen in Weiss" (36), "Wiener G'schichten" (40), "Ohm Krüger" (41) and "Der grosse Schatten" (42).

After World War II he only wrote few more screenplays like "Was das Herz befiehlt" (51) and "Veronika, die Magd" (51).

Besides his screenplays there were also some filmings based on his plays which were adapted by other authors for the film. To this cinematical versions belong "Der Herrscher" (37), "Der unmögliche Herr Pitt" (38), "Titanic" (43) and "The Master Plan" (55). 

Briefly after the end of the war he oppened the "Künstlertheater" in Vienna which he also conducted.

Other movies from Harald Bratt:
Rendezvous in Wien (36) 90 Minuten Aufenthalt (36) Ze vsech jedina (38) Leinen aus Irland (39) Casanova heiratet (40) Lache Bajazzo (43) Um 9 kommt Harald (43) Das schwarze Schaf (43) 

Inkognito (36) Adresse unbekannt (38) Rausch einer Nacht (51) Die Nacht zum Vierten (66)