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Renate Brausewetter

Lichtbild aus "Hanseaten" 1925

1905 - 2006

The actress Renate Brausewetter was able to gain a foothold at the theater and in the film business thanks to her famous brother, the actor Hans Brausewetter. 

She already took part in first movies at the age of 20 in productions like "Sündenbabel" (25) with Hans Brausewetter, Reinhold Schünzel and Jack Trevor sas well as "Die freudlose Gasse" (25) with the film legends Asta Nielsen and Greta Garbo. 

In the movie "Geheimnisse einer Seele" (26) she impersonated the role of a housemaid at Werner Krauss' side. The movie was directed by G. W. Pabst.

Afterwards she impersonated roles in movies like "Die Abenteuer eines Zehnmarkscheines" (26) with Iwa Wanja, Oscar Homolka and Werner Fütterer, "Die Lorelei" (27) with Wilhelm Diegelmann and Trude Hesterberg, "schwere Jungs - leichte Mädchen" (27) with Gustav Fröhlich and Lissy Arna and "Der alte Fritz" (28) in which she played princess Friederike Luise at Otto Gebühr's side.

When the sound film arose Renate Brausewetter retired from the film business and took care of her family.

In the middle of the 40s she had cope with two blows - first her marriage was divorced in 1944, one year later her brother Hans Brausewetter was killed in Berlin during a bombing raid. 

Only in 1950 Renate Brausewetter made a unique comeback in front of the camera for the production "Die Treppe" with Hilde Körber and Paul Westermeier. 

Renate Brausewetter had the privilege to experience her 100th birthday, nearly one year later one of the last silent movie representatives died.

Other movies with Renate Brausewetter:
Hanseaten (25) Menschen untereinander (26) Der Kavalier vom Wedding (27) Die Hölle der Jungfrauen (28)