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Alfred Braun

Foto: Alexander Binder (1888-1929)

1888 - 1978

The actor and director Alfred Braun was early interested in the media and was not only successful as an actor and director but was also a pioneer of the German broadcasting at the same time.

After an education by Max Reinhardt he made his debut as an actor at the Schiller-Theater in Berlin.
His first movie as an actor came in 1912 into being called "Jugendstürme" (12), it followed other silent movies like "Das Leid der Liebe" (16), "Die Spieler" (20), "Die Bacchantin" (24) and "Funkzauber" (27).

Alfred Braun also appeared successfully in the talkies, normally in support roles. To these productions belong "Flachsmann als Erzieher" (30), "Spione im Savoy-Hotel" (32), "Grosse Freiheit Nr. 7" (44), "Primanerinnen" (51), "Ave Maria" (53) and "Scotland Yard jagt Dr. Mabuse" (63).

He also put on a show as a director and writer from the 40's, he realised movies like "Zwischen Nacht und Morgen" (44), "Mädchen hinter Gittern" (49), "Augen der Liebe" (51), "Stresemann" (57) and "Morgenwirst du um mich weinen" (59)as a director and wrote the scripts for the movies "Die goldene Stadt" (42), "Immensee" (43) and "Kolberg" (45).

But Alfred Braun achieved his greatest popularity as a broadcasting pioneer. On October 29, 1923 the first official entertainment program was broadcasted and Alfred Braun worked as an announcer and later as a director too. Especially his live reports to Gustav Stresemann's burial and to Thomas Mann's Nobel Prize award made him very popular in Germany.

His career was interrupted by the seizure of power of the National Socialists and he even was arrested for a short time. Although he was able to go to Switzerland after his release he returned to Germany in 1941 and was able to continue his career which was also lasting after the war - especially as a movie and radio play director.

The enormous popularity of Alfred Braun can best be proportioned by a survey at the end of the 20's. He was mentioned as most-known German behind Hindenburg.

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