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Rudolf Blümner

Foto: Praesens Film AG (P. Gassmann)

1873 - 1945

The actor Rudolf Blümner grew up in Switzerland and studied law from 1892 to 1896. But he only remained active in this profession till 1899, afterwards he dedicated to the acting. It followed engagement at different German stages, among others also at the Deutsches Theater Berlin from 1906 to 1912.

In the 10s he also came in contact with the film business and he impersonated different roles in front of the camera over the next years.

To his early movies belong among others "Die Rache des Blutes" (14) and "Der Golem" (15). 
In the 20's he played in "Sylvester" (24) and became well-known as a speek artist for the "Sturm". Beside his acting career he was also successfully active as a lyricist and essayist.

In the talkies he took part in the classics "M - Eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder" (31) and "Der Hauptmann von Köpenick" (31). 

Afterwards he had problems to get engagements as an essayist and actor because he was married with a Jewess, yet he was able to impersonate roles in "Die Entlassung" (42), "Paracelsus" (43) and "Germanin" (43).

He lost his eyesight in 1944 and one year later he died by prostration.

Other movies with Rudolf Blümner:
Gassenhauer (31) Mieter Schulze gegen Alle (32) Zwei Frauen (38) Ein Windstoss (42) Menschen im Sturm (41) Ohm Krüger (41) Die Entlassung (42) Floh im Ohr (43) Der Erbförster (45)