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Leo Birinski

1884 - 1951

The screenwriter and author Leo Birinski was born as Leo Gottesmann but his year of birth varies from source to source like many other details of his life.

He first earned his living at the booktrade before he met personalities like Josef Kainz and Hugo Thimig who got him in touch with the theater. He wrote first plays like "Der Moloch" (10), "Raskolnikoff" (10) and "Der Narrentanz" (12).

When Leo Birinski went to Berlin at the beginning of the 20s he joined the film business and wrote his first screenplay for "Tragödie der Liebe" (23).

One year later he supported the director Paul Leni for the movie "Das Wachsfigurenkabinett" (24), ten years later followed his own movie as a director with "Flirtation" (34) when he lived in the USA.

Afterwards he concentrated to his activity as a screenwriter agian. To these works belong "Der Bastard" (25), "Der Mann aus dem Jenseits" (26), "Der Prinz und die Tänzerin" (26), "Verbotene Liebe" (27) and "Mata Hari, die rote Tänzerin" (27).

Leo Birinski went to the USA in 1927 where he was able to continue his career in the film business.
In the next years he wrote the scripts for "Love and the Devil" (29), "Mata Hari" (31), "The Song of Songs" (33), "The Gay Desperado" (36), "Full Confession" (39) and "The Lady Has Plans" (42).

Other movies von Leo Birinski:
Finale der Liebe (25) Die Flucht in den Zirkus (26) Die Geliebte (27) Der Soldat der Marie (27) Der Meister der Welt (27) Laster der Menschheit (27) Olympia (30) Stamboul Quest (34) Flirtation (34) Mademoiselle Docteur (37)