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Sybille Binder

Foto: Alexander Binder (1888-1929)

1895 - 1962

The actress Sybille Binder was able to gain a foothold on stage in 1915 and she appeared at the Barnowsky-Bühnen for the first time. In the next years she acted regulary at the theater and she got engagements in Munich, Berlin, Vienna and Zurich.

Already one year after her stage debut Sybilly Binder took part in her first movie "Der Fakir im Frack" (16) where she impersonated the role of an Indian goddess at Bruno Ziener's side.
To her other early silent movies belong the mini-series "Ahasver" (17) with Carl de Vogt in the leading role, as Hannerl in "Das Dreimäderlhaus" (18) with Wilhelm Diegelmann, Anita Berber and Conrad Veidt, "Vertauschte Seelen" (18) with Bruno Decarli and "Das Opfer der Isis" (19) with Fritz Greiner and Georg Henrich.

Sybille Binder concentrated to her stage career again in the 20s and she only appeared in one more movie called "Kauft Mariett-Aktien" (22) with Fritz Greiner and Vilma Banky.

With the rise of the National Socialists Sybille Binder left Germany because of her Jewish background and went to England. There she was able to continue her film career and she took part in movies like "The Viceroy of Peru" (38), "Thunder Rock" (42), "Candlelight in Algeria" (44), "The Man from Morocco" (45), "Blanche Fury" (48), "Portrait from Life" (48) and "Golden Salamander" (50).

Only in 1950 she returned to Germany where she went on with both her stage and her film career - this time on television.
To her last movies belong the TV productions "Der Schwierige" (56) and "Vergessene Gesichter" (59).

Other movies with Sybille Binder:
Lehrer Matthiesen (17) Das Frühlingslied (18) Yellow Canary (43) The Night Invader (43) Latin Quarter (45) Against the Wind (48) Idol of Paris (48) Broken Journey (48) Counterblast (48)