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Karl Bernhard

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The actor Karl Bernhard (also credited as Carl Bernhardt) joined the film business in 1916 when he appeared in the production "Jenseits der Hürde" (16) with Lotte Neumann and Max Ruhbeck.

Afterwards Karl Bernhard acted in "Phantome des Lebens" (19) with Lil Dagover, Sascha Gura, Werner Krauss and Maria Forescu, Otto Rippert's "Totentanz" (19) at the side of Werner Krauss, Fred Selva-Goebel and Sascha Gura, again for Otto Rippert as salesman Lorenzo "Die Pest in Florenz" (19) with Theodor Becker, Juliette Brandt and Auguste Prasch-Grevenberg as well as playing the title role in "Kord Kamphues" (19) directed by Richard Kirsch with Kurt Middendorf, Clementine Plessner, Max Kaufmann and Richard Senius.

At the beginning of the 20s came his last cinematical works into being with "Der Kampf um die Ehe" (20) mit Thea Sandten, Rolf Randolf, Hermann Vallentin, Paul Bildt, Hugo Flink, Käthe Haack, Olga Engl, Erich Walter, Ernst Pittschau and Albert Paul. Regie führte Willy Zeyn, "Maulwürfe" (20), Mysterium" (21), "Tingeltangel" (22) and "Das Gespensterschloss" (22) as Doctor Heinsius.