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Josef Bergauer

Josef Bergauer

1880 - 1947

The actor Josef Bergauer showed a great musical talent as a child and he became a Sängerknabe at St. Stephan. Beside it he learned to play the instruments violin and piano. 

Before he started his artistic career as an adult he learnt the profession of a civil servant he worked as a court servant at the University in Vienna.

But soon he joined the world of the theater and he became a demanded actor who got engagements at most of the Viennese theaters. 

He only appeared sporadically in movies. To these engagements belong the productions "Der Mord an der Bajdere" (19), "Lasset die Kleinen zu mir kommen" (20) and "Der Leiermann" (20) directed by the duo Jacob Fleck and Luise Kolm.

After a longer interruption he had a comeback in the middle of the 30's with talkies like "Hohe Schule" (34), "…nur ein Komödiant" (35) and "Romanze" (36).

Besides his acting career he also wrote books like "Das klingende Wien" (41) and "Auf den Spuren berühmter Menschen in Wien" (48). The writing of Viennese songs completed his works.