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Elisabeth Bergner

Foto: Siegmund Labisch (1863-1942)

1897 - 1986

The actress Elisabeth Bergner was born as Elisabeth Ettel in Drohobycz.

Already at the age of fourteen she studied at a private acting school and one year later she attended the Viennese conservatory.
She made her theater debut in Innsbruck in 1915 and in 1921 she went to Berlin where she achieved her breakthrough with the movie "Wie es Euch gefällt".
Because of this success Elisabeth Bergner became the celebrated theater star of Berlin. 

Also in 1923 she made her film debut with the production "Der Evangelimann" (23). One year later she worked together with director Paul Czinner for the first time, they got married in 1933.
She exclusively shot movies only for Paul Czinner till 1938, in these years she appeared in movies like "Nju" (24), "Der Geiger von Florenz" (26), "Fräulein Else" (29) - her biggest silent movie success as well as the sound films "Ariane" (31), "Der träumende Mund" (32) and "Katharina die Grosse" (34) - a movie, which already came into being in England, her new home after the emigration.

There were created other successful productions, among others "Escape Me Never - Verlass mich nie wieder" (35) - for which she was nominated for 1935's Best Actress Academy Award, "As You Like It" (36) and "Stolen Life - Träumende Augen" (38).

After a movie in the USA called "Paris Calling" (41) she devoted exclusively to the theater where she still was one of the greatest stars.

Elisabeth Bergner was also able to go on in Germany from her earlier successes from 1954, from 1958 she also appeared sporadically in cinema and TV productions like "Stunde der Wahrheit" (58), "Die glücklichen Jahre der Thorwalds" (62), "Geliebter Lügner" (63), "Cry of the Banshee - Der Todesschrei der Hexen" (70), "Der Kurier des Zaren" (70), "Der Fussgänger" (73), "Der Pfingstausflug" (78) and "Der Garten" (82).

Other movies with Elisabeth Bergner:
Liebe (26) Dona Juana (27) Dreaming Lips (37) 49th Parallel (39) Serie "A Touch of Venus: The Jewish Wife" (68) In Good King Charles's Golden Days (70) Serie "Take Three Girls: Release" (71) Nachtdienst (75) Feine Gesellschaft - Beschränkte Haftung (82) Serie "Angelo und Luzy: Der Betrug der alten Dame" (83)