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Grete Berger

Foto: Becker & Maass (Atelier 1902-1938)

1883 - 1944

The actress Grete Berger got an acting education and afterwards she made her stage debut in 1903 when she got her first engagement in Berlin.
Already one year later she played for Max Reinhardt at the Deutsches Theater Berlin where she soon became established. Later she also went on tour to St. Petersburg and Prague.

When she also impersonated many roles in classic plays on stage she joined the film business in 1913. She made her film debut with the classic "Der Student von Prag" (13). The movie went into history because of Paul Wegeners appearance in a double role in the same scene.

It followed other silent movies like "Die Augen des Ole Brandis" (13), "Der Verführte" (13), "Evinrude" (14) and "Ein Sommernachtstraum in unserer Zeit" (14).

Finally she dedicated to the theater again exclusively, only in 1921 she returned to the film business where she took part again in some important German silent movies.
Among others she impersonated support roles in the productions "Der müde Tod" (21), "Dr. Mabuse, der Spieler" (22), "Phantom" (22), "Der steinerne Reiter" (23), "Die Nibelungen" (24), "Metropolis" (27) and "Spione" (28).

Grete Berger was last mentioned in the Deutsches Bühnen-Jahrbuch in 1933, afterwards her career came to an end. Because she was married with a Jew she fled with him to Italy. There she was arrested later and she came via Fossoli to the KZ Auschwitz where she was murdered shortly afterwards.

Other movies with Grete Berger:
...denn alle Schuld rächt sich auf Erden (13) Die ideale Gattin (13) Der Ring des schwedischen Reiters (14) Erlkönigs Töchter (14) Menschen im Rausch (21) Die Geheimnisse von Berlin (21) Die Intrigen der Madame de la Pommeraye (22) Die grüne Manuela (23) Das alte Gesetz (23) Die Assmanns (25) In Treue stark (26) Das Land ohne Frauen (29)