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James Bauer

1884 - 1947

The director James Bauer was born as James Ephraim in Hamburg. He finished an education as an actor and he began his professional career at the theater in Hagen in 1902. Already three years later he realised his first play as a director and in the next years followed many other plays as a director in cities like Hamburg and Berlin.

In Berlin he entered the film business and in 1920 he realised his first movie as a director with "Die Maske des Todes" (20) - a two-piece movie.

Afterwards James Bauer shot other silent movies, among them "Ich bin Du" (21), "Der schlummernde Vulkan" (22), "Walpurgisnacht" (27), "Der Fremdenlegionär" (28) and "Das Geständnis der Drei" (29).

James Bauer directed few more movies in the 30s for "Nachtkolonne" (32) and "Flucht nach Nizza" (33) but with the rise of the National Socialism his career in Germany came to an end. He went to Spain where he shot the movie "No me mates" (36) but with the outbreak of the Spanish civil war he was no longer save there and he emigrated to Argentina in 1936.

James Bauer managed it to continue his film career in Argentina and he was the director of the productions "Paraguay, tierra de promision" (37), "Cantando llegoel amor" (38),  the short movie "El misterio de la dama gris" (39) and "Explosivo 008" (40).

James Bauer died in Argentina in 1940 at the age 63.

Other movies from James Bauer (Director):
Der Kampf um die Heimat (21) Der schwarze Stern (22) Der Halunkengeiger (22) Der Mitternachtszug (23) Op hoop van zegen (24) Die Anne-Liese von Dessau (25) Mein Heidelberg, ich kann Dich nicht vergessen (27) Hast Du geliebt am schönen Rhein? (27) § 173 St.G.B. Blutschande (29) Das Mädel aus der Provinz (29)

Die Maske des Todes (20) Ich bin Du (21) Der schlummernde Vulkan (22) Cantando llegoel amor (38) Explosivo 008 (40)

Nachtkolonne (32)