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Rudolf Bamberger

1888 - 1945

The production designer made a commercial apprentiseship, besides he also studied music in Leipzig. After a further training for artistic art he went to the theater where he created the set for numverous performances, among others also for his brother, the director Ludwig Berger.

Ludwig Berger brought him to the film business too and Rudolf Bamberger worked as a production designer for the next few years by designing the set for the movies of his brother.
To these works belong "Der Roman der Christine von Herre" (21), "Ein Glas Wasser" (23), "Der verlorene Schuh" (23), "Ein Walzertraum" (25), "Der Meister von Nürnberg" (27) and "Das brennende Herz" (29).

With the rise of the sound film he founded his own production company together with Curt Oertel and he became specialised to documentaries.
He realised the documentary "Die steinernen Wunder von Naumburg" (32) as a director, writer and producer.

But his film career came soon to an end when the National Socialists seized the power. As a Jew he was no longer able to work and he emigrated via Paris and London to Luxembourg.
There he earned his living as a worker in a brewery. But in 1944 he was arrested and deported to the concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau where he died the following year.

Rudolf Bamberger was married with the actress Hanna Waag.