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Rudi Bach

Foto: Nicola Perscheid (1864-1930)

1886 - 1942

The actor and director Rudi Bachwas born as Anton Rudolf Bach in Hamburg. He also used the pen name Idur Rivus.
He began his acting career at small theaters in 1903 before he managed the leap to the "Theater in der Josefstadt" in Vienna. Later followed engagements in Austria and Germany where he often played funny roles.

Rudi Bach joined the film business very early where he remained true to his role type from the stage. He normally shot funny movies as a director and often took part in it as an actor too.
To his first movies as a director belong the popular movie serial like "Purzel als Muskenthusiast" (11), "Purzel als Erbe" (12), "Purzel als Schornsteinfeger" (12) and "Purzel als Tennisspieler" (12). In thiese movies he also impersonated the title role.

Rudi Bach realised other movies as a director in the next years, among them "Lissys Flimmerkur" (19) with his film discovery Liddy Arna in the leading role, "Tom Black, der Verbrecherfürst" (20), "Herrin ihrer Tat" (20), "Die Gespenster-Wally" (20), "Die Erbschaft der Inge Stanhope" (20), "Arme kleine Eva" (21) and "Die büssende Magdalena" (22).

He also continued to work as a movies actor and he took part in "Nur ein Modell" (17),"Lejah" (18), "Der ausgesperrte Ehemann" (18) and "Das Brautpaar wider Willen" (21).

As a Jew he had to emigrate to France at the end of the 30s. When France was occupied by the Deutsches Reich he was arrested and transferred to the detention camp Drancy. From there he was deported to the KZ Auschwitz in 1942 where he most likely was killed in the same year.

Other movies from Rudi Bach (Director):
Purzel als Radfahrer (12) Purzel hat sein Centimetermass vergessen (12) Purzel im modernen Jahrhundert (12) Purzel in der Sommerfrische (12) Purzel und Co. (12) Purzel als Ehemann (13) Wenn die rote Heide blüht (18) Zwischen Lipp' und Kelchesrand (20) Lissys Brautnacht (19) Lissy, der Spatzenschreck (19) Olly und derjenige, welcher (20) Das Geheimnis von Schloss Totenstein (20) Der Held des Tages (21)

Bummelstudenten (12) Pantoffelhelden (12) Die Papierspur (12) Purzel als Radfahrer (12) Purzel hat sein Cenimetermass vergessen (12) Purzel im modernen Jahrhundert (12) Purzel in der Sommerfrische (12) Purzel und Co. (12) Purzel als Ehemann (13) Die schwarze Hoheit (18) Tausend und eine Frau (18) Wenn die rote Heide blüht (18)

Lissy, der Spatzenschreck (19) Herrin ihrer Tat (19) Erbschaft der Inge Stanhope (20)

Jettatore (19) Herrin ihrer Tat (19) Die Augen als Ankläger (20)