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Ernst Josef Aufricht

1898 - 1971

The actor Ernst Josef Aufricht became an actor against the will of his father. He got acting lessons by the famous actor Ludwig Hartau in Berlin and afterwards he made his stage debut at the age of 22 at the Staatstheater Dresden.

After few years followed an engagement in Berlin where he appeared on different stages from 1923, often at the Volkstheater and the Thalia-Theater.
Together with Berthold Viertel he founded the acting group "Die Truppe" in 1923. At this time his father had accepted the ambition of his son to be an actor and he supported him financially for the lease of a theater.
In the season 1926/27 he was the representative director of the Wallner-Theater, from 1932 also the artistic manager of the theater at the Admiralpalast in Berlin.

Ernst Josef Aufricht only appeared in movies in 1919.
He impersonated roles in the movies "Meereslaunen" (19), "Fieber" (19), "Baccarat" (19) and "Auf der Höhe" (19).

With the rise of the National Socialists Ernst Josef Aufricht left Germany and went via Switzerland to France. The the German Reich entered France he left Europe in 1940 and emigrated to the USA.

There he was not able to continue his artistic career. He could produce a radio play serial about political elucidation in Germany and he could play few small roles on Broadway.
A decisive point in his life was his conversion from the Jewish to the Catholic religion.