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Georg Asagaroff

1892 - 1957

The director Georg Asagaroff was born as Georgij Azagarov in Moscow. He made first experiences as an actor at the theater before he made his film debut in 1915.
In the next few years he impersonated roles in the movies "Posle smerti" (15), "Drakonovkiy kontrakt" (15) and "Andrey Kozhukhov" (17).

He was also able to gain a foothold as a movie director and his first movie he realised was "Grekh" (16). It followed the Russian silent movie "Kulisy ekrana" (17).

With the outbreak of the October revolution his film career came to an end in Russia. He went to Germany where he was able to continue his film career in the 20s.
There he realised the silent movies "Jugendrausch" (27), "Flucht aus der Hölle" (28), "Eva und der Grashüpfer" (28), "Milak, der Grönlandjäger" (28) and "Die Siebzehnjährigen" (29).

Georg Asagaroff also shot some movies in the sound film era of the 30s, among them "Revolte im Erziehungshaus" (30), "Das Donkosakenlied" (30), "Schachmatt" (31) and "Der tolle Bomberg" (32)

When the National Socialists seized the power Georg Asagaroff was banned from working and his film career came to an end. His son Grischa Asagaroff became a well-known opera director.

Other movies from Georg Asagaroff (Writer):
Kulsy ekrana (17) Das Donkosakenlied (30)

Director assistant:
Pikovaya dama (16)